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Update! 💸 The minimum payout amount has been reduced to $100!

Dear partners!

The minimum payout amount has been reduced and is now $100 instead of $200 as previously!

Your settings will change automatically, except for the two following cases:
▪️ You have set the amount to more than $200.
▪️ You have chosen Wire Transfer as your payment method.

👉 You can change the minimum payment amount on the “Payment info” page (if 2-Step Verification is enabled) or by contacting the BongaCash managers.

Stay tuned to our news to keep updated on important changes, new products, and profitable offers!

NB! For traffic verification purposes, the minimum amount for the first payment will remain $200.

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Advanced settings for promotional tools! 🔥 Customize your promotion frequencies!

Dear partners!

You can now set your own promotion frequency!

🔸 Select one of the suggested frequency options: every hour, every 3, 6, 8, 12, or 24 hours.

🔸 Otherwise, specify the interval manually, up to a minute!

Advanced settings are available for Video Slider, Out-Stream, Postitial, Pre-Roll (Fluid Player), Popunder Code, and Mobile Popunder Code.

We've also added the feature to select the frequency for Sticky Banners and Chat Heads!

⚙️ You can set the frequency on top of the page of the selected promotional tool.

Set any promotion frequency you prefer to attract more traffic and increase your income! 💰

Postado em 02/08/2024 00:00

BongaCams – CAM COMPANY OF THE YEAR! 🔥 Impressive victory at XBIZ Awards 2024!

Dear partners!

We are glad to announce that BongaCams has had another brilliant victory! 🎉

🏆 BongaCams was recognized as CAM COMPANY OF THE YEAR at the XBIZ Awards 2024 in Los Angeles!

Among all the leaders in the webcam industry, we have received one of the most prestigious awards, and many more great events await us!

Thank you for your support, and congratulations on our shared victory! ✨

Best wishes,
The BongaCash Team

Postado em 02/02/2024 14:07

The ePayService payment method is currently unavailable ⚠️ Please choose an alternative method for receiving payouts

Dear partners!


⚡️ Important information for those using ePayService.


At the moment, ePayService is unavailable for receiving payouts.


If you have selected ePayService as your payment method, please choose an alternative.


You can change the payment method yourself in the "Payment Info" section if you have enabled two-factor authentication, or you can contact the BongaCash managers.


Please note that the following payout methods are currently available: Paxum, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT ERC-20, USDT TRC-20, and WebMoney.


If you have any questions, please get in touch with the BongaCash managers.


Postado em 01/10/2024 00:00

The promotion has ended! ⚠️ +10% bonus for using new promo tools is no longer available!

Dear partners!

The promotion has ended!

The +10% bonus to payouts for using sticky banners, video sliders, VAST banners, and Out-Stream is no longer available.

💰 Stay tuned for exciting news – other profitable promotions and bonuses await you!

If you have any questions, please contact BongaCash managers.